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Multicurrency cross-platform blockchain-based wallet

Multicurrency cross-platform blockchain-based wallet

Numerous crypto wallets operate as centralized applications. These are, for instance, Kraken or Coinbase wallet. And such apps have plenty of cons, e.g., blocking client accounts or the probability of the appearance of problems with physical servers. Because of such disadvantages, blockchain technology was created. Next, BTC appeared as a variant of such a technology. After that, crypto wallets were developed. And Iguana was among the first crypto wallets.

Software projects like Iguana are decentralized digital products that allow fast funds transfers with low commissions. Also, decentralized platforms enable performing transactions without any human or body intermediaries.

As a decentralized crypto wallet, Iguana assigns a unique identifier to each user. It’s called a personal public key. Anybody may see it. There are also private keys, though. The private keys are closed and applied solely directly to perform transactions. Users employ them as authorization tools within funds transfers. 


Iguana is a Komodo (formerly SuperNET) project. Komodo planned to launch its own decentralized exchange based on the crypto wallet Iguana. So, the company hired us to ensure assistance in Iguana development. Thus, we had to create a user-friendly, fast-working, and cross-platform digital solution for this company.

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The challenge

We started creating this digital product about five years ago. At that time, mostly hardcore software engineers developed and used crypto wallets. Thus, such blockchain apps were hard to install and employ. So, Iguana had to offer users a comprehensive interface as well as support for various platforms – desktop (light and full), browser, along with mobile (iOS or Android).

The solution

Our specialists analyzed the existing hardcore wallets based on the QT technology (their structures, programming languages, and operating algorithms). Nay, software programmers learned blockchain technology deeply, the peculiarities of full and light nodes, as well as the infrastructure of light along with full wallet interaction.

The process

One of the key challenges was to implement the Electron framework. So, we developed a front-end client by using JS. Then, our specialists wrapped the created source in desktop and mobile (Android as well as iOS) shells. The same source was employed to make a Chrome extension.

Furthermore, we decided to develop a middleware to enable users to handle various cryptocurrencies. This middleware allowed operating with plenty of the already accessible cryptos as well as adding new tokens made within the supported blockchain systems (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum).

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It took nearly nine months to make the app. In the initial stage, we created MVP using ready-made templates and working frameworks. Next, we formed a development team. The team created an adaptive design for the wallet. Here, the pass-phase coding stage was performed from scratch. Also, Atomic Swap Technology allowing currency on-chain exchange was implemented.

Initially, we made Iguana for broad use (purchasing, swapping, etc., cryptocurrency under the current exchange rate). So, it allowed the swapping of cryptos without any intermediaries. But later, Komodo created a blockchain exchange based on the specified wallet.

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Here, the next stages should be highlighted:

  • MVP launching. It was tested by a narrow circle of users (about 100 clients).
  • Full-fledged desktop cryptocurrency wallet version development.
  • Google Chrome app creation.
  • Android and iOS adaptation.

Iguana was closed after some period of proper operation. That’s because the owners decided to rename the project. As a result, a decentralized blockchain exchange AtomicDEX was created based on the Iguana crypto wallet. Feel free to contact the help desk of the custom software development company What Da Hack?! to get more detail on this topic.

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Technologies & tools


  • Web
  • Chrome
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Macintosh


  • Angular
  • NodeJS

Other integrations

  • ElectronJS
  • Komodo

Projects duration & stats

JavaScript Developer
JavaScript Developer
NodeJS Developer
NodeJS Developer
C++ Developer
C++ Developer
UX Designer
UX Designer
DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Project Manager
Project Manager
MQA Engineer
MQA Engineer
9 months
14 months




9 months



Had opportunity to work closely with the Whatdahack?! team on a Blockchain project for Volvo. They had a comprehensive understanding of the Blockchain landscape. I was impressed by the understanding of our business needs, offering us multiple solutions/architectures with pros and cons detailed.

Michael Isaac, Volvo GroupSenior Manager, Digital Solutions and IIOT

In-depth market analysis heavily helped to envision the end product outlook and adjust strategy accounting competitors' weak sides. Well-designed processes allowed us to deliver MVP in brief three and a half months with the minimum required resource for soft launch and quick concept validation with the end users. We were amazed by the technical skills and advanced knowledge of the modern web technologies applied by the team.

Alex Chaika, BoogiCTO

With the help of the Whatdahack?! expertise we realized first in the market concept of fully decentralized multicurrency wallet. Tremendous user experience ideas offered were a winning solution to bring a hard-to-understand for non-tech users product novelty. Excellence of Agile processes and high involvement from the development inception to release management gave us quick proof-of-concept and profound technical base for more complex solution development of decentralized exchange.

Christoph Schmidt, KomodoCTO

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