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The essence

Artificial Intelligence is commonly referred to as a self-learning system that is capable of performing certain tasks based on algorithms and models. Since most people do not realize that they encounter AI every day, the technology’s extensive popularity and advancements remains unclear for them. However, artificial intelligence finds implementation in a variety of fields ranging from voice assistants, facial recognition software, recommendation algorithms, and process optimization software in large industries.

Data management is essential for leveraging artificial intelligence for specific tasks. In AI development, this important process contributes greatly to the effective analysis and results in building data-driven solutions. Although this work is labor-intensive, it pays off because it drastically reduces time and processes for completing iterative tasks. The result is cost reductions and effective allocation of resources to other business needs.

Delivery time 

From 2 weeks to 8 months, with the development stage takig from 2-5 days (for no-code/low-code development) to 6 months (for code-based development).


$40,000-300,000+, which can amount to 10-50% of the total software coat. Learn more about average MVP development costs in the dedicated section below.

Machine learning algorithms can be adapted to automate and streamline numerous business processes. Automating routine operations will free up time for challenging tasks requiring extra care.

Business analysis
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1 – 6 weeks
PM, Designer, Developer, QA specialist
Fully functional app
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1 – 6 weeks
PM, Designer, Developer, QA specialist
Fully functional app

Our projects


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Machine Learning methods we rely on

AI and ML are becoming an indispensable tool in absolutely different areas. From retail to healthcare, this technologies are changing the way we interact with the world and helping to improve efficiency in a variety of ways.
Machine learning
Developing the solutions from scratch is the right move in case there’s a need for an ML algorithm with specific functionality. Such systems will address the needs and objectives of users perfectly.
Deep learning
Inspired by living creatures processing information, deep learning algorithms bring valuable benefits to a vast array of fields, from machine translation and computer vision to bioinformatics and drug design.
Data science
Using a combination of advanced analytics techniques and cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, data scientist extract insights from large volumes of data. This aids businesses in strategic planning, workflow optimization, customer behavior analytics, and data-driven decision-making.
Computer vision
ML algorithms with an ability to recognize images and distinguish objects shown can increase efficiency of an array of processes, from sorting, tagging and categorizing photos to reinforcing and automating the security with the help of CCTV.

AI systems develops for identify, understand and interpret real-world objects. Also, computer vision allows searching for the right product based on an image, classifying and sorting objects for certain purposes.
Speech recognition
We offers your business state-of-the-art solutions based on speech recognition algorithms. This helps recognize and process voices in real-time for more effective communications with customers. This can help improve customer service interactions and improve the overall efficiency of businesses.
Algorithm optimization
Optimizing machine learning algorithms means finessing their level of precision. Developers can significantly increase the efficiency of ML algorithms by advancing hyperparameters or achieving the best model variables through training.
Predictive analytics
Our specialists can implement artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which conducts augmented analytics based on customers’ business data. The technology analyzes clients’ business environment and suggests scenarios on how to attain planned objectives.
Natural language processing (NLP)
Our experts configure software that recognize text, voice data and respond to it in a way humans do. This technology is often used by companies for customer sentiment analysis to better understand their clients, which in turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Neural network development
Using neural network systems, businesses can track patterns that aren’t recognized by traditional analytics. This feature brings valuable insights about the market, the behavioral patterns of customers, and how they can be taken advantage of.

Machine Learning solutions and AI development services we build

While AI and ML are not quite the same thing, they are closely connected. AI is the broader concept of enabling a machine or system to sense, reason, act, or adapt like a human. ML is an application of AI that allows machines to extract knowledge from data and learn from it autonomously. Machine learning aims to teach a machine how to perform a specific task and provide accurate results by identifying patterns.
Predictive maintenance
By utilizing predictive analytics, audiovisual comprehension, and other machine learning techniques. What Da Hack will reduce the financial losses of your business by providing the information on the maintenance needed for tools and machines in advance.
Fraud detection
To detect and prevent fraud, What Da Hack teaches machine learning solutions on specific data sets that teach the algorithms to check users’ actions according to certain rules or detect specific anomalies happening when a fraud case occurs.
Demand forecasting
What Da Hack leverages the power of machine learning to perform retrospective and real-time market data analysis unveiling seasonable trends in demand leading to more accurate sales predictions.
Dynamic pricing
What Da Hack implements machine learning models to analyze market data about the demand on particular products enabling businesses to automatically adjust their prices to the current demand and sell them more efficiently.
Real-time chatbot development
Our machine learning specialists will anhance customer experience with a chatbot simulating human conversation by implementing deep learning, natural language processing, speech recognition (text-to-speech/speech-to-text), and other ML tools.
Virtual assistant development
Building a virtual assistant, we create a cpecial bond between your products and users with the help of audiovisual comprehension, deep lerning, and natural language processing. Moreover, a virtual assistant can become a driver of creating a product ecosystem.
Customer behaviour analysis
By training machine learning algorithms to understand customer behavior, What Da Hack gives businesses essential insights into their customers allowing them to perform customer segmentation, model customer churn and decrease its rates, etc.
Smart recommender systems
Deep learning and marketing automation solutions will enable yur business to offer users assets of any kind with increased precision, increasing user satisfaction and reducing churn rates.
Artificial intelligence software development
Our machine learning specialists will anhance customer experience with a chatbot simulating human conversation by implementing deep learning, natural language processing, speech recognition (text-to-speech/speech-to-text), and other ML tools.
Artificial intelligence app development
Our experts seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into applications. Data analytics, recommendation algorithms, and chatbots are among the areas were AI is in demand. All of these tools can improve the automation of the customer service process and enhance predictability.
Artificial neural network design
What Da Hack’s experts in developing artificial neural networks use AI-based tools to foster classification, prediction, regression, smart grid, etc., based on inspiration from biological neural networks. This can be useful for object recognition, speech recognition, text writing, and other purposes.
Neural network optimization
Our engineers provide algorithms and methods for changing neural network attributes and statuses with neural network optimizer tools. Optimization is an important part of “training”, helping to make analyses faster and more accurate.
Artificial intelligence consulting
Artificial intelligence has already changed the way businesses operate and is only going to continue to do so in the coming years. With the help of our AI consilting experts, you can embrace this change and create a more efficient and successful business.
Audit of AI/ML algorithms
What Da Hack also provides audit services for businesses, taking full advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. We help companies adjust their business strategies, ensuring a high level of automation and reducing erroneous actions.
MLOps transformation
Our specialists have already established themselves in the relatively new engineering discipline of MLOps. Our goal is to unify the development and deployment of machine learning systems smoothly and guarantee hassle-free performance after product launch.
Decision intelligence
Experts at What Da Hack provide businesses with artificial intelligence tools to help them make informed decisions. Based on data science and machine learning, we build tools that process raw data and turn it into actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Benefits you get

Financial risk assessment
  • Calculating and monitoring financial risks based on the analysis of customer risks, operational risks, geopolitical risks, and more.
  • Financial risk forecasting.
  • Prescriptive analytics to mitigate financial risks.
Personalization engines
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Cross-selling and upselling recommendations.
  • Automated generation of individualized content – product recommendations, special offers and pricing, etc.
Computer vision
  • Face and emotion recognition.
  • Product quality control (checking for surface defects, discoloration, absence of components, etc.)
  • Computer-alded diagnostic assessment.
  • 3D reconstruction, etc.
Production efficiency
  • Automated recognition of manufacturing defects.
  • Power consumption forecasting and optimization.
  • Process quality prediction based on process parameters.
  • Production loss root cause analysis.
  • Production output predictive modeling with varying inputs.
Customer analytics
  • Customer sentiment analysis.
  • Customer behavior prediction.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Context-aware marketing.
  • AI-based product/service recommendation engines.
  • Digital assistants.
Operational intelligence
  • Operations anomaly and bottleneck recognition.
  • Deviation root-cause analysis.
  • Operational decision-making.
  • Forecasting of operational performance metrics.

How we develop ML & AI solutions

Business analysis
  • Defining business needs a firm wants to address with machine learning.
  • Analyzing the existing machine learning environment (If any)
  • Designing a machine learning strategy and roadmap.
  • Selecting optimal machine learning technologies.
  • Deciding on machine learning solution deliverables.
AI solution conceptualization and development project planning
  • Designing the architecture and feature set of the AI solution and creating the optimal tech stack for AI implementation.
  • AI project planning: deliverables and KPIs, cost and timeline estimates, a risk management strategy, etc.
  • AI solution PoC delivery (optional).
Data preparation
  • Explotary analysis of the existing data sources.
  • Data collection, cleansing, and structuring.
  • Defining the criteria for the machine learning model evaluation.
Development and implementation
  • ML model exploration and refinement.
  • ML model testing and evaluation.
  • Fine-tuning the parameters of ML models until the generated results are acceptable.
  • Delpoying the ML models.
  • Delivering machine learning output in an agreed format.
  • Integrating machine learning models into an application for users’ self-service, if required.
Support and maintenance of machine learning models
  • Continuous monitoring and tuning of ML models for greater accuracy.
  • Adding new data to the ML models for deeper insight.
  • Building new ML models to address new business and data analytics questions.

Why Us?

Our advantages to rendering machine learning and artificial intelligence consulting.
Guaranteed data security

To secure your data utilized for machine learning projects, we:

  • Process data on highly secure cloud facilities (Azure, AWS, Google cloud).
  • Conduct 24/7 in-house data security monitoring.
  • Use secure data transfer methods (FTP and VPN) controlled via regular health checks.
Data protectıon

When building AI-powered solutions, we apply the three-pillar approach to effective data security management:

  • Transparency – personal data collection and processing are only performed with users’ consent.
  • Strong security – to create a protected environment for data processing and storage, What Da Hack incorporates security practices into the development processes (DevSecOps).
  • Compliance – delivered AI-powered solutions are fully comliant with industry and legal requirements (HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, etc.).
Data quality

To enable high data quality, we engage certified data engineers and data scientists who employ a wide set of tools to automate data validation, cleansing, reduplication processes.

Guaranteed value of the AI solution

To ensure the viability of your future AI solution, the speed and quality of the AI-enabled insights, we:

  • Start an AI project with a proof of concept to display how the solution will work, estimate its potential value, voice concerns, etc.
  • Balance the system’s transparency with the accuracy of the otput by using a combination of white box AI models that have understandable relationships between variables and output predictions and black box AI models based on deep learning algorithms that are not explainable by themselves.
  • Check the quality and viability of the developed solution against the agreed quality KPIs.

Platforms we work with

Programming languages 

Machine learning platforms 
and services 

Machine learning frameworks
and libraries 

Big data 

Data visualization 

AI & ML implementation cost

The cost of providing AI & ML services depends primarily on the requirements and complexity of software development projects. We development teams work with customers around the globe and deliver unmatched quality at reaconable hourly rates. Below you can see the main price formation factors.

We always take into consideration the client’s budget and requests to render world-class solution engineering services at a reasonable cost.
Team size
Team members level
Cooperation model
Complexity of the project
Duration of the project
Other project-specific variables